The Best Sharon Stone Sex Scenes


Sharon Stone may be what you call a MILF now. But there was a time not long ago when she was considered one of the hottest and sexiest women in the world. Sharon gave millions of people reasons to masturbate over some of the sex scenes she performed in several of her movies. How can anyone forget the classic and unforgettable scene in Basic Instinct? There’s a part where Sharon keeps everyone gasping as she shows off her pussy as she spreads her legs. This article contains a compilation of some of the best Sharon Stone sex scenes ever.

The movie Basic Instinct was an instant classic and huge box office hit. Yet most people actually remember the numerous wild and hot sex scenes Sharon Stone did in the movie. You can see her having sex with Michael Douglas in several scenes. There have been millions of sex pics and porn GIFS created from that movie. Her breast, ass and pussy are all visible several times throughout the movie.

In the sequel Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction, Sharon Stone performs a few sex scenes as well. Viewers can see her nice firm tits and other parts of her body. Another mainstream movie which shows Sharon nude and having sex is in the movie Sliver. In this film she has sex while riding a guy on a sofa. Her butt and breast are clearly visible. In the film Year of the Gun, Sharon also has a sex scene where she has some rough sex with a guy. If that wasn’t enough, Miss Stone had a sexual encounter with a man in the movie Blood and Sand. For those that want to see more of Sharon, the movie The Specialist offers some more sex scenes too.

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