Movies With Some Hot Sex Scenes


Fans of celebrities want nothing more than to see their favorite star take off their clothes in front of the camera. When celebrities perform a hot or erotic sex scene in a movie, it is even better. We have put together some of the best movies with some hot sex scenes in them.

Cameron Diaz fans who would like to see the hot actress have sex on film should watch the movie The Counselor. In this movie you can get to see Cameron have wild and hot sex in a Ferrari. But the best part is that Miss Diaz has sex with the Ferrari, not another person.

If you ever wanted to see a movie with a hot lesbian scene and then a wild threesome, then Wild Things is the one. You can see actress Denise Richards and Neve Campbell go at it in a hot lesbian sex scene. Later, you can see Matt Dillon join them both in a threesome.

Another movie that contains a sex scene so wild and hot that it is hard to believe won an Oscar is Monster’s Ball. The hot and sexy Halle Berry won the Oscar for that movie. However, in the film, Halle Berry goes wild with lust in a hot sex scene with actor Billy Bob Thornton. You can see Halle’s tits, ass as well as her getting rammed from behind.

You will enjoy watching a great love making scene between Mark Wahlberg and Julianne Moore in the movie Boogie Nights. For an added bonus, you can also see the hot and beautiful Heather Graham strip and show off her amazing body in another scene as well. Other movies with great sex scenes you should check out are Gone Girl, The Notebook and Cabin Fever.

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